Life Christian Academy


Introducing Life Christian Academy

We’re located in the Colonial Heights/Chester area, with close proximity to Petersburg and Richmond. Our faculty at Life Christian Academy are leaders in the community who share a passion for teaching and learning, and a commitment to creating a supportive learning environment that is challenging, collaborative and engaging. We adapt our teaching methods to the individual learning styles of our students. Our modern classrooms make it possible to explore the world around us in a safe, positive environment.

For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of Christ & a love for learning in our students.

Our Mission is

To provide a high quality Christian education combining academic excellence and spiritual priciples in a safe and positive learning environment.

  • To foster a deeper love for Christ and gain a better understanding of what it means to be one of His followers.
  • To improve our students’ study and social skills while allowing space for independent development.
  • To encourage students to set reasonable goals and support them in finding solutions to problems that arise along the way.
  • To enable students to develop their own personal curriculum.
  • To support students in their transition to adulthood.

LCA at a Glance

Life Christian Academy is more than just an educational institution. From day one, we have considered Life Christian Academy to be an environment where active learning takes place, a place where students can learn about the world and themselves. Our faculty’s educational expertise and personal dedication are key to our culture of mutual respect and cooperation.

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Anchored by tradition, we excel at:

  • One-on-one interaction with our teaching staff through our low student to teacher ratio.
  • Degreed & Certified committed Christian Teachers (K5 through 12th).
  • Biblically integrated learning & Chapel services.
  • College Preparatory Institute with Advanced & Standard diplomas.
  • Fostering collaboration with the community.
  • Enriching academic learning with long-term projects and extracurricular activities.
  • Fostering diversity on campus and in the Chester area.
  • International students accepted in all grade levels.

Overview of Dates & Facts

School Founding                 1987
Type of School                     Preschool thru High School
Number of Students           approximately 250
Teaching Staff                     30