Life Christian Academy

COVID-19 Update

Many of you are aware that the Governor has mandated that all public schools close for the next two weeks beginning Monday the 16th until at least the 27th. Though we are not part of the mandatory closing, we will be closing the Kindergarten through 12th grade. At this time and until we receive further guidance from the health department, the Pre-K will remain open. There will be limited availability for school-aged kids to receive care and if you would need that please contact Mrs Fuller at to reserve care. 

We will be sending out detailed instructions shortly for how instruction will be delivered and the times that teachers will be available everyday for your students to interact with and to receive answers to questions or to tele-con through some of their lessons.

All students are still enrolled with all contracts still in effect. Your child will still be taught by their teacher, just in a little different format for now. I hope you understand that we are all in uncharted territory and though we have a great plan, we have never done what we are all about to undertake. Your patience and grace are greatly appreciated.

I will be sending out more information as soon as I have it but if you have specific questions or thoughts please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Pastor Mike